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Betrayal at Black Mesa by Jeff Shear

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August, 2015
Fiction: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
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Senate investigator Jackson Guild uncovers a terrorist plot to set off a nuclear weapon in the beating heart of Washington.

But there's a twist.

If Guild exposes the conspirators, he sets off a nuclear blow-by-blow. That plunges Guild into a lose-lose situation, and he’s got to walk the razor’s edge between the Truth and its Consequences.

It may be that our hero is the real enemy.

Jeff Shear is the author of the book The Keys to the Kingdom which was an investigation into a weapons deal between the US and Japan (the FSX), published by Doubleday. He has been a Fellow at The Center for Public Integrity, in Washington, DC, where he was one of several contributors to the book The Buying of the Congress, published by Avon. Before that, he served as a staff correspondent for National Journal, with regular venues at the White House and Congress. He has written TV scripts for the National Geographic Channel, Discovery, and The History Channel:

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