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On Point: A Guide to Writing the Military Story by Tracy Crow

University of Nebraska Press/Potomac Books
$19.95, hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-61234-709-7
September, 2015
Nonfiction: Creative Writing
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“Both useful and graceful. . . . This book is essential for those who want to share their perspective on the growth, the ironies, the emotions, and the fundamental truths of the military experience.”
—Janet Burroway, author of Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft

“A great tool for veterans, military service members, military family members, and for instructors of creative writing.”
—Brian Turner, author of My Life as a Foreign Country

“The world needs Tracy Crow’s writing guide because no other book has been written specifically for military veterans with stories to share. The advice is solid, her examples relevant, and her approach inspirational.”
—Lee Barnes, author of Gunning for Ho and When We Walked Above the Clouds: A Memoir of Vietnam

Personal writing can be risky for anyone, but for military veterans, especially those suffering from post-traumatic stress, sharing stories can trigger painful and disturbing flashbacks. Writing is also risky for the ego. It is one thing to write a military story, especially one based on authentic experiences; it is quite another to muster the courage to share that story with others for critique and feedback.

Award-winning journalist and author Tracy Crow presents a roadmap for writing an authentic, persuasive military story. Drawing from her personal experiences and those of other veteran writers, and from the insights of noteworthy writing and teaching professionals, On Point is the guide Crow wishes she’d had when she first began writing about her military experience. No previous writing guide specifically addresses the unique challenges and rewards facing soldiers who want to craft their military story with courage and candor.

Tracy Crow is the author of the award-winning memoir, Eyes Right: Confessions from a Woman Marine; a military conspiracy thriller, An Unlawful Order, under her pen name Carver Greene; a true story collection, Red, White, & True: Stories from Veterans and Families, WWII to Present; and the new writing text On Point: A Guide to Writing the Military Story, in which Crow combines her skills and experience as a former Marine Corps officer, award-winning military journalist, author, editor, and professor of creative writing.

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