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The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek by Vincent James Vezza

$24.99, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-4602-7729-4
July, 2015
Fiction: Historical
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Vincent James Vezza, writing as Jackson Badgenoone, published The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek through FriesenPress. The central character, James, believing that he sees gold, recovers instead an old bayonet buried under the shimmering waters of Dutch Buffalo Creek. The bayonet is a catalyst that drives James to sift through a lifetime of artifacts and bittersweet memories—and imagine a glimpse of the future.

The book contains ten translucent memoirs layered in historical fiction. It explores the cause and consequences of conflict. Faith, hope, and love emerge as forces that overcome the challenges encountered by a tightly knit clan. An Heirloom edition contains resources that amplify character point of view.

Jackson Badgenoone draws her first name from several figures that she is destined to observe during the span of several generations. One was an outspoken President, another a famous general. Badgenoone acquired her last name as a consequence of her never born status. She applied for an identity as Badge Number One. She is granted a play on words status, badge-no-one.

She serves as narrator and ghost writer. Jackson also manages nine other kindred spirits responsible for recording the lives of ten ordinary souls. Ghost writers and characters interact in a playful setting.

The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek is framed in current day Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Prompted by a discovery in 2014 AD, the story unfolds with a series of flashbacks that lead the central character back to the creek at the end of that year of reflection. There he discovers real treasure that he hopes to share with his readers.

The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek is the first of several works scheduled for publication. More about the series and the book can be found at

The first son of a career military officer and his war bride, Vincent spent his formative years on US Army bases around the world. He came of age during the turbulent sixties. With an undergraduate major in Political Science and a MSEd, he embarked on a career in educational publishing and technology. He led several marketing initiatives at Apple Computer, Inc., before assuming senior management duties at Sunburst Technology, a division of Houghton Mifflin, followed by a stint as SVP at Films Media Group. Threads from his education, career, and life experience find a way into his debut novel, The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek.

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