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Night Rumbles by Nancy Janes

Rockrose Press
$12.99, paperback / $1.99, e-book / $17.95, audiobook
ISBN: 978-0-692314074
March, 2015
Fiction: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Christian
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"This book is awe-inspiring and a true pleasure to read. It is a wondrous fantasy tale that sent me on a lovely journey. It had an almost a calming feeling within me as I read it."
MagicWanda review 2015

Brad, a being of light, left a paradise to enter a world of tyranny. Why?

On the planet Lydo, in the city of Iru, nineteen-year-old Brad, a research student at the Science Academy, enters Daganland, a Netherworld city, to research its little-known inhabitants. The caveat: he will lose his memory and take on the form of the natives.

Waking up in the town of Nofer in Daganland, Brad enters into a world ruled by a Tyrant. It is a planet of darkness where the inhabitants live and work by night. The majority of the inhabitants are former humans. Brad is assigned to cross over to the human world to observe their habits and behaviors as a part of his future career. Instead of obeying his instructors to be merely an observer he grows fond of the humans, and his studies take a new direction.

Using sharp insight interlaced with dashes of wit and satire, Nancy Janes weaves a twisting tale that creates a candid portrait of humanity and its idiosyncrasies from the vantage point of a pure outsider battling forces he doesn't quite fully grasp.

Nancy Janes (Zelman) is a former clinical social worker who now writes full-time. She has written two books: The Boy Who Walked a Way and and Night Rumbles, loosely based upon upon each other.

Fantasy/Sci-FI, short stories in the Americana vein, and poetry are her interests. Her writings are Christian-based, but the secular reader will find in them the universal themes of human struggles and the search to master life's troubles.

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