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Go In Joy! An Alphabetical Adventure by Joy Resor

Joy on Your Shoulders
$17.50, paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9840353-1-1
August, 2015
Nonfiction: Inspiration/Self-realization
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"What does this book feel like? Turning these pages is like walking into a surprise party given to celebrate me, personal attention that in my private heart I usually resist, but here, with the verve, ease and spirit of this book by Joy Resor, I am won over. There is an immediacy in my sense of surprise—Resor's writing style is one of engagement. Go In Joy! An Alphabetical Adventure deftly weaves together rich stories, keen reflections, and beautiful and provocative questions along with poems that get to the heart and bone of the matter: how you can live your life and be in relationship with more honesty, greater joy, and an unequivocal authenticity."
—John Fox, author of Finding What You Didn't Lose: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-Making 20th Anniversary

"Go In Joy! is a wonderfully delightful book that leaves us wanting more. It's full of profound questions skillfully wrapped in colorful leaves of innocence and playfulness. Sometimes 'clever' can be overdone. Not here. The author's inventive weaving of words is brilliant. A charming and healing read."
—Dr. Suka Chapel-Horst, author of Take a Leap of Faith

"This wonderful collection of delicious, bite-sized essays are ideal readings to reflect on as you start or end your day. Joy takes us into her heart and along the pathway of her own spiritual journey, from wounding, confusion and self-doubt into a full engagement and celebration of all aspects of life, shadow, and light. Lyrical and inspiring, it is filled with the gems of wisdom she has gathered along the way."
—Chelsea Wakefield, author of Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty

Go In Joy! An Alphabetical Adventure offers an authentic ride beyond inspiring, lyrical words. This engaging, relateable book of essays, poems, and questions offers touchstones that deliver ah-ha moments.

Reading snippets of Joy's journey through the blame, shame and pain of her youth into the peaceful, joyful light she radiates today, readers discover healing edges of their own to transform.

This multi-layered book of vignettes and poems embedded with spirit, essence and joy delivers one woman's unique, yet universal, journey into self-realization.

Joy Resor lives in western North Carolina. She's an Alliance of Divine Love Minister, certified in spiritual direction and founder of Joy on Your Shoulders, where she inspires peace and joy through her being, through Batik wares sewn by local seamstresses, through journaling to joy classes she facilitates, through a free newsletter that goes to subscribers, and through all the ways she evolves to spread joy.

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