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My Little Plastic Bag by Sam Love, Illustrated by Samrae Duke

Sam Love
$10.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-534622647
July, 2016
Fiction: Children's
Available from

“This book can be valuable to teach young people about the problems plastic trash creates in our aquatic environment."
—Travis Graves, Lower Neuse Riverkeeper

My Little Plastic Bag can help children understand how even a harmless action like throwing away a plastic bag can have serious consequences.”
—Diane MacEachern, publisher of the

A new children’s book, My Little Plastic Bag, tells the story of a plastic bag that a little girl, Amy, throws out of the family car. Through brightly colored illustrations by Samrae Duke, a child can follow the plastic through the ecosystem into the ocean until parts of it return to the family dinner table.

"Like most kids, Amy is pretty innocent,” Love says. “She doesn’t really think about the consequences when she carelessly tosses out the plastic bag. But readers will give that bag plenty of thought as they watch it make its way into the ocean, get eaten by fish, and end up right back with Amy - not as a bag, but as part of the fish dinner her father cooks."

“I get really angry when I see the plastic pieces that the mowers cut up on the side of the road and I created an educational book for young children that helps them understand there is no ‘away’,” according to Love. “Plastic in our water is now epidemic.”

He cites one United Nations estimate that every square mile of the ocean already contains 46,000 pieces of plastic and most are so small we can’t see them.

“As the plastic is ingested by the fish and other wildlife,” Love says, “plastic chemicals can get into our food supply and we are only now understanding its harmful effects."

Love believes any child who is curious about nature will enjoy My Little Plastic Bag. “This book gives teachers and parents a great educational tool to build awareness of environmental problems. After all, the future belongs to our children.”

Love originally tackled plastic pollution in a poem titled The Downstream Loop that appeared in his poetry book, Converging Waters, and in Duke University’s eno magazine. But as he realized how important it was to educate parents and kids specifically about plastic bags, he decided to write a book aimed directly at families and students.

My Little Plastic Bag is designed for children ages four to eight and it includes a discussion guide for parents and teachers. It is available at local stores in New Bern and online at Amazon. The author is available for interviews.

Sam Love is a writer living in New Bern. He has published numerous nonfiction articles in magazines that include Smithsonian and Washingtonian. He has two published novels, Snap Factor and Electric Honey. He recently published a poetry book, Converging Waters.

He teaches yoga, and is one of the organizers of The Nexus Poets who organize the First Tuesday Poetry Open Mike in New Bern. He views his Social Security check as a grant to the arts. His poetry has been published in Kakalak, Slippery Elm, Poetry in Plain Sight, Voices on the Wind, The Lyricist, and other publications. His environmental poems are featured in both the 2015 and 2016 issues of eno, published by Duke University.

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