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A Clearing in the Forest by Kim Love Stump

Foxcroft Publishing
Hardcover, $21.99 / Paperback, $10.99 / e-book, $9.99
ISBN: 978-0-997591408
August, 2016
Fiction: Young Adult Fantasy
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"Spellbinding and untraditional, this fantasy with a brave royal could teach Disney a few things about princess adventures."
Kirkus Reviews

"This book was completely refreshing! Stump is one to watch for, she's going to make herself known in the YA indie world!"
—Megan (A Page To Turn)

"This novel is about family, friendship, love, and taking responsibility for oneself and others. No doubt—an auspicious and classic beginning to the Journeys from Ayrden series."
—Karon Luddy, author of Spelldown and Bewilderment of Boys

Princess Adriana is about to leave the Kingdom of Ayrden on the Journey of her sixteenth year.

If she is ever to ascend to the throne, Adriana must go—alone and unarmed—into the unknown. She’s been trained and gifted for the Journey her entire life, just like all the royals who preceded her—even the ones who never returned.

Adriana leaves Ayrden on Sultan, the black stallion gifted to her by her brother just the day before at her birthday celebration. With bravery in her heart and hopes for a quick return, she soon encounters three paths: one of grass, one of gold, and one of gemstones. She chooses the pragmatic path of grass. Although it seems safe, and the landscape familiar, she quickly finds that she will have to overcome nearly impossible challenges. Ultimately, an unexpected friendship changes not only Adriana, but the very kingdom she someday hopes to rule. The question is, will the friendship turn into everlasting love?

Kim Love Stump has loved to read and write ever since she can remember. While fiction is her first writing love, she has written everything from equity recommendations for a bank trust department to Bible studies. She’s also a frequent writer of memoir. Whether a snippet of real life or an intricate fantasyland, Kim loves world-building through words. The real-life world she has created in Charlotte is happily shared with her husband of thirty-plus years.

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