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AJ's Wish by Renee Filippucci-Kotz

Archway Publishing
$8.99, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-48083-746-1
October, 2016
Fiction: Children's
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Pets are a big part of many children's lives. They can be a child's first—and maybe bestfriend. But do you know what needs to be considered when bringing one into your home?

Ten-year-old AJ isn't sure. She only knows she has always loved animals. She enjoys playing with her grandma's pets and the pets of her friends. But in author Renee Filippucci-Kotz's AJ's Wish you'll read about her greatest wisha pet of her own! After she and her family watch a program about all the animals in shelters, she asks her parents for a pet. When they say no, she sets out to prove she is responsible enough to care for an animal.

Renee Filippucci-Kotz is a longtime volunteer with her local, county animal shelter, and several rescue organizations. AJ's Wish is more than an entertaining story of AJ's quest for a pet. The author shares with readers what kind of research you should do before deciding on the right pet for your family, or even if your family should have a pet. After all, bringing a pet into a family is a serious commitment.

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