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The Body at StarShine Mill: A Marcy Dehanne Grist Mill Mystery by Celia H. Miles

Stone Ivy Press/Old Mountain Press
$13.95, paperback / $2.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-15323-2048-4
October, 2016
Fiction: Mystery (Cozy)
Available from

Flush off the first successful project of her second career that offered the unexpected surprise of a dead body, ex-college teacher, Marcy Dehanne, undaunted, sets off to restore yet another old mill in western North Carolina.

StarShine Mill boasts the largest waterwheel she has ever seen, but Marcy is sure it is redeemable. Her enthusiasm is dampened, however, by the mill’s desolate and eerie atmosphere and—you guessed it—another dead body.

Marcy knows the chances of saving StarShine diminish if she doesn’t solve the mystery surrounding the young man’s death. In a college town beset with its share of problems from hikers to bikers, she faces a formidable foe in a sheriff suspicious of her “nosing around.”

Ignoring common sense, direct orders, and unwanted advice, Marcy, along with a young townie named Charlene and enigmatic reprobate Axel, determines to get the job done and to see justice prevail.

Celia Miles, a native of western North Carolina and retired community college instructor, edits and writes from Asheville. Old grist mills intrigue and enchant her—and get her heroine into difficulties and danger. When not traveling to find and photograph old mills and Neolithic sites, she’s reading about them and plotting the next novel:

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