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Volunteer Gap by C. David Gelly

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$20.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-1542631440
March, 2017
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Leroy Jefferson sat in favorite rocking chair on the front porch of his farm. This was his favorite part of the day as day edged into night. He smiled as he put his book down and looked at Laneisha in the porch hammock. She was sound asleep.

While he took it all in, he knew that all could change in a moment. He loved his farm and the hours of enjoyment he gained from working the land. Yet, his day job as Sheriff of Carroll County was overwhelming at times.

Sheriff Frank Pierce had retired and the race to replace him took on a life of its own He still was mentally recovering from the election campaign he had suffered through many months before.

He was pleased with his place as a Captain at the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. The compensation was good and certainly offset by the revenue Laneisha earned as the most trusted tax consultant in Carroll County. There was also the revenue and agricultural tax considerations from his farm.

The County leaders were split on who they preferred to be the new Sheriff. Leroy knew who among them could look beyond the fact that he was African-American. The smart ones would back him because they knew he was capable and trustworthy and honest to a fault. Sheriff pierce promised his support as well as did many others in the County government. The elected political leaders understood and learned from what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. They understood the benefits of having a qualified and smart Sheriff who just happened to be black was a huge plus for Carroll County.

But that view was not shared by all.

Two Mennonite communities separated by thousands of miles must come together to protect the lives of an innocent Mother and Daughter caught in the cross-hairs of a violent struggle....

Hope and Hannah Showalter witness a violent drug related horrific killing that sets in motion a search by the killers for these two innocent souls in southwest Virginia that ends in the bucolic Mennonite community called Blue Creek nestled far off the beaten path in remote Belize.

If you enjoyed the 1985 movie thriller Witness, this modern-day struggle between good and evil will take you through the peaks and valleys of love and pure unmitigated hatred that challenges the very core of our existence.

While called upon again to find the truth, Quinn McSpain and Louisa Hawke are targeted by a maniac who will do whatever it takes…to kill them both!

C. David Gelly is the acclaimed author who has brought the Gap series to life. The first two selections, Fancy Gap and Orchard Gap, have won well-deserved critical acclaim. Follow him on Twitter @FancyGap and the Fancy Gap and Orchard Gap pages on Facebook. The author lives in North Carolina, as well as the mountains of southwest Virginia.

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