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Belongings by Maureen Sherbondy

Main Street Rag Publishing Company
$11.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-59948-620-8
May, 2017
Available from the publisher

"With her 'javelin turned into a pen,' Maureen Sherbondy throws down in these poems, traversing 'that dash between born and died' with grief and rage and tenderness for lost lovers, lost relatives (at Auschwitz), lost belongings. Yet she confirms that belongings do not constitute belonging and that not giving away 'a single piece of yourself' is the key to survival. These are the poems of a warrior."
—Kimberly L. Becker, author of Words Facing East and The Dividings

"Maureen Sherbondy’s poems are gorgeous and difficult, chilling and stark. In 'Cousins I Never Met,' we follow the speaker back through history by way of a family tree, and as the lines unfold, we find ourselves in a horrific place. But Sherbondy doesn’t leave us there. In both poems included here, she frees us by movement while never erasing memory. Every moment remains with us to create a history we retell."
—Julie Brooks Barbour, Poetry Editor, Connotation Press

Belongings is a book about letting go of relationships, moving forward, and dating. These poems re-examine situations in order to gain an understanding of what transpired. Forty-one pages.

Maureen Sherbondy is a poet and fiction writer. She has published nine poetry books. Poems have appeared in numerous publications. She received her MFA degree from Queens University of Charlotte. Maureen resides in Raleigh and teaches English at Alamance Community College.

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