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Danya by C.S. Jones

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ASIN: 1546336486
July, 2017
Fiction: Historical
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Inspired by a true story of one man’s quest to understand God in a world going mad, and based the memoirs of those who lived through the decay of the Romanov Monarchy and the rise of Lenin’s dictatorship, Daniel Mendelev’s journey takes him from the impoverished Jewish pale of settlement to Kiev University law school.

There he falls oil love with Evgeniya Borisovna, a young countess born into an aristocratic family, and becomes involved in a prohibited relationship which brings on many hardships and causes him to lose all that he struggled to achieve, including his hope.

When he nearly perishes from starvation in a severe famine, God delivers him in a supernatural experience and leads him into an unexpected encounter.

His brother, Ezra, a commissar on he Bolshevik Central Committee, accuses Daniel of betraying the revolution and hunts him down, determined to exterminate him in the 1918 purge of red terror during the Russian Revolution.

C. S. Jones, an artist, created a small business designing and writing greeting cards. This is her first novel. Her travels have brought her to Russia, both winter and summer, and two summers living with her family in a remote village in communist Czechoslovakia where life continued much in the same way as it had since the ninetieth century. She is an active member of the North Carolina Writers' Network.

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