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Sally St. Johns by Denise Heinze

BookLocker Publishing
15.95, paperback / $5.95, e-book
ISBN: 978-1634921022
May, 2017
Fiction: Humor / Eco-Thriller
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"Denise Heinze creates a raucous story full of animated dialogue and humorous character interaction in this action packed novel."
—Lisa McCombs, Readers’ Favorite

"The author is clearly a talented writer who has the ability to provide in-depth character formulation and an easy to follow and intriguing storyline. I believe most readers would find this novel well worth the read."
—Frank Princiotta, Retired EPA Research Director

Forty-three-year-old Sally St. Johns is in up to her very long neck. A major player in alternative energies, Sally is on the verge of a revolutionary breakthrough in energy consumption. But before she can unveil her discovery, she is arrested and implicated in a terrorist plot to destroy all competing energy sources.

To exonerate herself, she must join forces with the U.S. government to find the real terrorist, a shadowy figure named Switchgrass whose goal is to control the nation's power grid. But time is short. If, in forty-eight hours, Switchgrass' demands are not met, a series of bombs planted in nuclear plants around the country will be detonated.

For Sally to save the day, she must draw on her checkered past to help identify and locate Switchgrass. She thinks back to her childhood when she grappled with Marfan syndrome. She relives her professional basketball career, a brief stint as a madam, and the eureka moment when she discovered the solution to global warming. In the midst of the crisis, she relies for the first time on others, including her idealistic attorney, Bud, and her fiercely protective mother who, though racked with advancing age and a heart condition, becomes an unlikely hero.

After a career analyzing other authors' fiction, Denise Heinze decided it was finally time to write her own. A former literature professor and now full-time writer, Heinze is an award-winning author who has published scholarly work, essays, memoirs, poetry, and short fiction. One short story, "The Grid", was named a quarter-finalist in the 2015 Ghost Story Supernatural Fiction Award contest, and has been published both as an e-book and in the Fall 2017 issue of Thema, a print-only literary journal. Her debut novel, Sally St. Johns, is a "wickedly funny" eco-thriller that dramatizes the deadly seriousness of global warming.

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