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Cogitation by Sam Love

Unsolicited Press
$16.00, paperback / $2.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-947021-12-9
December, 2017
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"Sam has a great sense of humor, no small thing in poetry where everybody is VERY serious. I’m still laughing at some of the poems."
—Peter Makuck, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at East Carolina University

"Cogitation is not your typical poetry book—there's actual humor here with real wit and insight. While Love's poetry comments on the insanity of pop and digital culture, he also makes a strong argument that we need to take care of our environment. Love's gift is getting to heart of tough abstract subjects such as love, fear, and mindfulness with gentle aplomb."
—Alice Osborn, author of Heroes without Capes

Cogitate: To think deeply about something; meditate or reflect.

In this over-stimulated fast-paced society, everyone is so busy there is no time for cogitation. Now only rebels and misfits cogitate. What a pity.

To correct this contemporary problem poet Sam Love uses poetry to examine the cracks in our culture. Cracks that can have devastating personal, ecological and social consequences.

For him cogitation is a metaphor for the power of poetry to provide insights that can recreate our so-called modern world and heal beleaguered souls. Far from doom and gloom, Cogitation showcases a wit that will make you smile.

By understanding the interconnections surrounding a single event, product, or object he believes we can gain new clarity about healing our world. It doesn’t matter if he’s riffing on the commodification of yoga or the shuttering of small business dreams as a big box store steals customers. In one poem for example, he focuses on how the declining Monarchs could be our canary in a coalmine. Nothing is sacred to him. For example if you’ve ever wondered what’s really behind a Facebook picture or questioned whether a Pepsi ad can tempt a Buddhist monk, this book is for you.

Sam is one of the organizers of the First Tuesday Poetry Open Mic in New Bern. His poetry has been published in Kakalak, Slippery Elm, Voices on the Wind, The Lyricist, Flying South and other publications. His environmental poems appear in both the 2015 and 2016 issues of Duke University's eno magazine. His work has also been featured on Poetry in Plain Sight posters in Winston Salem.

North Carolina Poet Alan Welch describes Sam's work as "taking a guided tour of a number of places you have forgotten to think about recently." The poems are delectably short, served up as a rotating menu of thoughtful snacks or well-seasoned appetizers. Most will leave a smile on your lips or, if serious, a question mark filling a surprising void.

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