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Katelyn's Killer by J. Marshall Gordon

Taylor and Seale
$16.95, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-943789-49-8
May, 2017
Fiction: Mystery
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"Katelyn's Killer is a fast read with a likeable protagonist named Penny Summers. Set in Annapolis, Maryland, the former Naval officer becomes entangled in a murder investigation when she finds the body of a friend in a goldfish pond. Gordon's prose is smooth and clever, and he gives enough plot twists to keep armchair Sherlocks guessing. The Eastern Shore of Maryland is beautifully rendered, and the reader is given a vivid sense of the modern day U.S. Navy. This land-lubber learned a lot, and enjoyed it."
—Sallie Bissell, Author of the Mary Crow thrillers

“John Gordon’s debut mystery novel, Katelyn’s Killer, provides an appealing portrait of (mostly) tranquil life in the shadow of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and an engaging pair of sleuths to solve the murder that disrupts that tranquility, as he depicts the tragedy of war's unintended consequences, the mendacity of contemporary politics, and the rewards of dogged determination—a first-rate mystery.”
—Con Lehane, Murder at the 42nd Street Library

“Penny Summers, ex-Navy turned gardener-for-hire is a charming but conflicted amateur sleuth, goaded by her own burden of guilt and supported by helpful whispers from her late grandfather. Cozy readers will enjoy the rich Maryland settings and the cast of quirky characters, as well as the moral dilemma and surprising resolution of this multi-faceted story.”
—Vicki Lane, author of the Elizabeth Goodweather Appalachian Mysteries

Ex-Navy Public Affairs Officer Penny Summers’ first foray as a Master Gardener brings her face to face with her dead St. John’s College “sister.” After the funeral, Katelyn’s boyfriend Aaron joins Penny in her quest for answers. But when her day-job boss puts her in charge of a monster festival, Penny is up to her tramp stamp in conflicting allegiances.

J. Marshall Gordon is the pen name of John M. Gordon, an award-winning documentary and educational writer and producer. After attending St. John’s College in Annapolis, and earning a B.A. in English at Franklin and Marshall College, John served as a Navy Air Intelligence officer.

He has followed in his protagonist’s footsteps (or is it vice-versa?) as a Navy public affairs officer and landscape designer. Unlike Penny, however, he also designed and installed goldfish ponds. John lives in Asheville with his wife, two dogs, and a trio of spoiled cats who take turns hanging out behind his iMac.

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