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The Cottage on the Bay by Ruben Gonzales

Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC
$14.99, paperbakc / $6.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-945181290
February, 2018
Fiction: Historical
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“A saga—both intimate and timeless—that reminds the reader of our shared history and the strength of the human spirit.”
—Leigh Somerville, author of the It All Started with a Dog trilogy

“With a wealth of descriptive detail, Gonzales brings to life a remarkable woman and her family’s place in the history of the South, expertly weaving mystery, racial conflict, a search for family, and the lingering effects of the Civil War.”
—Jane Tesh, author of the Madeline Maclin series

"Cottage on the Bay by Ruben D. Gonzales returns readers to Civil War era North Carolina and provides a vivid glimpse of life on a plantation. Through the life of Martha Stewart Thorpe—the estate matriarch—Gonzales chronicles the master-slave relationship and her endeavors to right the sins of her family’s past. From the moment readers meet Martha, they will be engaged in her life and eager to follow her story to its end."
— Jennifer Bean Bower, author of North Carolina Aviatrix Viola Gentry: The Flying Cashier

Martha Stewart Thorpe, young war bride and then matriarch, lives through the changing times, lives, and family on a once thriving plantation. This historic saga follows the life of father and uncles come over from Scotland, and Martha’s sisters, as they struggle through the years after the Civil War and transition through reconstruction, the new century, the beginning of Civil Rights, and redemption.

Ruben is the author of the just released Cottage on the Bay, a historical novel with a mystery. Ruben was born in East L.A. and after graduating from college spent five years working and traveling with the Peace Corps before moving to his adopted home of North Carolina. Ruben was an entrepreneur for many years and then worked for the City of Winston-Salem helping entrepreneurs to enter the business world. Recently retired, Ruben enjoys writing and traveling with his wife and loves the low country of North and South Carolina.

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