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I Am Crimson by B.D.Valle

Prospective Press
13.95, paperback / $4.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1943419418
May, 2017
Fiction: Thriller / Crime
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A twenty-year-old orphan, he has already killed countless people....

Ripped away from an impoverished childhood just days after his tenth birthday, Brendan must spend the next ten years of his daunting life learning how to survive within the margins of an underworld, fraternal group of killers. With the coming of his twentieth birthday, he ends the decade of ruthless training and commences his life as a professional assassin. Accepting his first international job in Berlin, Germany turns out to be much more complicated than Brendan anticipates, which leads him further past the point of no return, and forces him to come face-to-face with his childhood nightmares.

Some questions, Brendan learns, are best left unanswered.

I Am Crimson is an international crime-thriller novel. International in that the story takes you all over the world; from Serbia, to Amsterdam, to the Southeast. And crime-thriller in that, yes, you guessed it, a good bit of knife fights, shootouts, and bloodshed do occur here.

But the story is much more than that. Yes, some people get killed. But others are given second-chances at life. Written in the first-person, I Am Crimson is the first-hand account of what it’s like being a part of the underworld’s most secretive, and deadliest professional hit-for-hire organization.

Orphaned at a very young age, Brendan leaves his former life and commences one of killing. Where blood and bullets are the law of the land. And when he’s done with his training he gets unleashed onto the world. A professional killer. A Reaper.

It’s during this period, when he’s left on his own for the very first time in ten years, that he begins to see the world for what it is, and how his compares to it. He starts having dreams that unravel him. Doing unspeakable things that cause Brendan to wonder who he is. What he is. He starts to wonder if there’s a soul still left inside him. Or if he’s truly become the deadly monster he was trained to be.

Everything happening seems to culminate into one giant question: Who is Brendan?

Bart is the author of I Am Crimson, which he wrote under the alias name B. D. Valle. He’s currently working on his next novel. His favorite authors include: Robert Ludlum, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Dennis Lehane, and Raymond Benson.

A nomad to the core, Bart enjoys the culture-shock of moving to new places at any given moment. He has two snakes which he considers to be his children, and argues that they have more of a personality than he does.

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