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The Red Dog: A Tale of the Carolina Frontier by Carole Troxler

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$11.99, paperback / $8.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1544869506
June, 2017
Fiction: YA / Historical
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"The Red Dog was a favorite in our family. It's the book you will read with pleasure and you will pout when it is finished. . . It exposes the racial issues from way back then and helps me to understand how we have come to today's racial problems. Buy this book, read it with pleasure and share it with those you love. They will thank you!"
—Amazon reviewer Bev Kerr

"Carole Troxler has written a fine work that gives the reader a unique view of the complexity of life on the Carolina frontier during the 18th century. The characters form a part of a compelling story interwoven within the economic, political and social fabric of the period. It is a 'must read' both for novices and for those long interested in the history of our country."
—Amazon reviewer MJH

"I did not expect it to be a page-turner, but it was. I have read Dr. Troxler's historical non-fiction and always learned from the precise language, information and documentation, but I never found myself emotionally involved with the people about which the works were written. I cared about the people in Red Dog, enjoyed their stories, and even learned some history, especially about The Regulator Movement."
—Amazon reviewer Tanczo

It is 1764 in the North Carolina Piedmont. Thirteen-year-old Lizzy worries for her younger brother. They are orphans, separated by apprenticeships to different masters.

As a white girl, she is curious about slavery, which is not yet secure in the Piedmont. Readers will gain insights on how white supremacy increased there during Lizzy’s lifetime. Lizzy bonds with ethnically diverse friends, and their help to one another brings danger.

Throughout their adventures, she tries to keep herself steady and make the best of her apprenticeship by thinking about her mother’s example. With memories of her mother fading, Lizzy learns to think—and feel—her own way.

There are nuggets of recognition to engage twenty-first century readers and connect them with the backcountry world of Lizzy and her friends. Their stories display everyday habits, folk knowledge and stories, religious identities, and experiences with fosterage and apprenticeship. The teenagers use skills such as papermaking, guiding a pack line of horses across a stream, and using snakes to kill bad guys.

Carole Troxler loves living in the woods in Alamance County, North Carolina, where she encourages native plants and plays Old-Time Music. She and George Troxler are in their fifty-first year of marriage. They are blessed with two accomplished and happy daughters, the world’s cutest grandbaby, and a near-granddaughter whose elegance is reflected in the heroine of The Red Dog.

A native of LaGrange, Georgia, Carole holds a Ph.D in history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A former Woodrow Wilson Scholar and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, she has received three book awards and the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association’s Christopher Crittenden Award.

Carole’s more than twenty essays in books and historical journals contribute to understanding the impacts of the American Revolution in the southern backcountry, maritime Canada, and the Bahamas. She continues to research and write scholarly history as Professor Emerita at Elon University. Decades of research fed her imagination while she created The Red Dog: A Tale of the Carolina Frontier, her first work of fiction, during summer breaks from her usual writing.

Her nonfiction books are:

  • The Loyalist Experience in North Carolina (1975)
  • Shuttle & Plow: A History of Alamance County, North Carolina (co-author with William Murray Vincent, 1999)
  • Pyle’s Defeat: Deception at the Race Path (2003)
  • Alamance County, North Carolina, Transcripts of Census and Tax Records (2003)
  • Farming Dissenters: The Regulator Movement in Piedmont North Carolina (2011)
  • Sallie Stockard and the Adversities of an Educated Woman of the New South (scheduled for publication Spring, 2018) 
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