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Somewhere and Nowhere by Emily Buehler

Two Blue Books
$20.00, paperback / $3.00, e-book
ISBN: 978-0-9778068-2-9
April, 2018
Nonfiction: Memoir
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"In this beautifully written memoir, author Emily Buehler shares the hard won joys and sorrows of her bicycling journey across America. She thought it was going to be many things. But the surprising outcome was a deep change in her way of looking at life. She shares her experiences with an honest voice, and how they shifted her understanding of letting go, finding balance, and living with the rhythms of life—both the ups AND the downs. An enjoyable and worthy read for anyone interested in living a more balanced and happy life."
—Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, author, Unflappable—Six Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, And Peaceful No Matter What

It’s Eat Pray Love meets Wild, on bikes.

One summer in her late twenties, Emily and her friend Mary rode their bicycles from Cape May, New Jersey, to Oceanside, Oregon. In three months on the road, they battled 14 percent grade hills, tornado-force winds, and 110 degree heat. They were sheltered and fed by everyone from nuns to cowboys. They swam in the Missouri River, climbed the Rocky Mountains, and crossed the Continental Divide—three times. And eventually, they reached the Pacific.

Emily left on the trip in the hope of finding peace and happiness away from the clutter of life, a permanent solution to depression that she could bring home with her. With nothing to do but ride her bike all day, out under the open sky, life would be simpler…or would it?

Emily Buehler is an author and editor based in Hillsborough. Her first book, Bread Science, covers the science and how-to of baking bread. Emily teaches classes and workshops on bread baking. After finishing her second book, Somewhere and Nowhere, Emily began writing fiction. In addition to being an author, Emily is an editor. She received her Ph.D in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and began her editing career working on research reports and academic papers before moving into a wider range of material.

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