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Tales from Beaver Dams by Maryrose Carroll

Big Table Books
$9.99, paperback / $2.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1985024236
May, 2018
Nonfiction: Travel
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"Once upon a time in a land known to few—even the locals would be hard-pressed to find it on a map— nd deep in the Appalachian Mountains roamed beavers and their dams and their stories.

"Today, little is left of the beavers or their dams: As Carroll tells us, it’s been a generation since anyone who lives there has seen one or the other. Now, all that is left are the stories of Beaver Dams, a not-quite-fictional old-time expression for a small community 'tucked away between Highway 321, heading out of Boone toward Watauga Lake, and Highway 421, going toward Mountain City, Tenn.'

"It is into this pastoral, fairytale setting that Carroll takes us in Tales From Beaver Dams (Big Table Books), the first in a planned series of books, part memoir, part history and all love story for a land, its people and its memories.

"Into this first brief collection of stories, Carroll has poured both the tales told by insiders and those she has witnessed firsthand during the quarter century she has called the area home. The result is a charming book of vignettes that captures the flavor of the High Country, offering concise doses of Appalachia history destined to be lost were it not for books such as this."
—Tom Mayer, The Mountain Times

You can learn what you don't know about Appalachian mountain life. You may have visited Boone, Blowing Rock, Todd, or Valle Crucis when visiting western North Carolina without knowing about a hidden paradise, Beaver Dams. It is a pastoral land of cattle, horses, goats, and families with antebellum histories.

Have you had a chance to see their wagon trains traveling on weekends through the area? This is the book to tell you about them and more.

Maryrose Carroll was an old sculptor who had to quit before it killed her, now she is a new author. Her first book, Beats Me, Love, Poetry, Censorship from Chicago to Appalachia was a valentine for her late husband, Paul Carroll. It told of their love and his historic win against censorship in 1960. It won designation as a 100 Notable 2015 Indie Book from Shelf Unbound Magazine.

In February, 2016, Maryrose had the esteemed privilege of interviewing her husband's old pal, Lawrence Ferlinghetti for a documentary being made about Paul. He, Lawrence, and Barney Rosset were the three publishers who successfully fought literary censorship. Maryrose first began to write poems in the Spring of 2016, after finishing her book. Not knowing if her first poem warranted consideration she emailed Pulitzer Poet, Stephen Dunn, on Memorial Day and he responded that he thought "Song for a Dead Lover" was a wonderful poem. The book Conversations with a Dead Lover was published in 2017 by Finishing Line Press.

Tales from Beaver Dams is the first in what will be a series of books about rural Appalachian life.

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