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A Flower So Fallen by Joseph L.S. Terrell

Bella Rosa Books
$14.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-62268-139-6
May, 2018
Fiction: Mystery
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Single mom Mary Ann Little, a reporter with a weekly newspaper near the Outer Banks, is horrified to learn that her friend from the library, young Becky Thurston, has been brutally murdered. As Mary Ann delves deeper into the death, she uncovers Becky's addiction to powerful prescription opioids, which began in an innocent attempt to ease her back pain. Obviously, someone has been helping her feed her addiction.

While pursuing the story, Mary Ann uncovers several suspects who might be responsible for Becky's death—maybe over a drug deal gone wrong, or maybe over Becky's decision to blow the whistle on her supplier. But those who deal in the opioid black market are dangerous people with secrets to hide and no mercy for those who threaten their operation.

Mary Ann realizes her investigation could lead to her own death, and that of others around her. It all comes down to a confrontation . . . a potentially deadly confrontation in which she must use all her wits and resources to avoid her friend's fate.

With more than forty years as a journalist and fiction writer, Joseph L.S. Terrell is the published author of twelve novels, including a mystery series set at the Outer Banks featuring true crime writer Harrison Weaver. He has also written literary novels and award-winning short stories. His latest book, A Flower So Fallen, is the second featuring single mom and weekly newspaper reporter Mary Ann Little.

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