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Runeship (Adventures of the Vampire Book 2): by PD McClafferty

PD McClafferty
$11.99, paperback / $2.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-0-996837903
May, 2018
Fiction: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
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"Runeship will appeal to many different readers, combining urban fantasy, science fiction, and military fiction with great characters. It's a fun genre-buster that will leave you wanting more."
—Jennifer W., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

"Vampires and werewolves and…starships? Oh my. Supernatural creatures are causing trouble all over the Earth, and planet-hopping vampire Max Kiritescu is the only person who can marshal the forces to stop them. As if that wasn't enough, an extraterrestrial threat is menacing his distant homeworld, and his best chance to thwart it lies in reviving a millennia-old starship. With the lovely (and deadly) Xia at his side, Max sets a relentless pace for keeping his worlds safe."
—Kim H., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing


Maximilian Smith, former military officer now turned vampire, thought things had bottomed out when he was bitten, and turned into a vampire. Sadly, he was wrong as he now finds himself without a family or friends, they took the money they had coming to them and vanished. Up to his fangs in trouble, Maximilian is again fighting to save the world of his birth from a fate worse than death itself even as a vaster menace looms in the near future, menacing both his adopted world of Aeyaqar, and the human race on distant Earth.

P.D. McClafferty is a thirty-year veteran of the United States Air Force with a tour in Vietnam and involvement with both Gulf War I and Gulf War II. A graduate (BA and MA) of Vermont College of Norwich University and a former Martial Arts Instructor, he has traveled extensively and is finally realizing a lifelong goal of writing science fiction / fantasy; an interest heinherited from both of his parents who were great fans of the genre. He and his wife currently live in sunny North Carolina with their two cats. Runeship is his sixth book. Five other novels, …and they are us, …and they are us Homecoming, …and they are us Hiveworld, Wrecker’s Moon, and The Destiny of the Vampire are currently up on Amazon in either e-book or paperback. Vampire will be coming out as an audio book sometime in late 2018.

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