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Malice at the Manor (Penny Summers Mystery #2) by J. Marshall Gordon .

Taylor and Seale Publishers
$18.95, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-943789801
May, .2018
Fiction: Mystery
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"Gordon has artfully nurtured a charming whodunit. Penny...a reluctant detective with a fraught history...proves an engaging and skillful sleuth. Readers should hope that this winning mystery series starring a gardener/detective will be fruitful and multiply."
Kirkus Reviews

"In Penny Summers, Gordon creates a smart, endearing sleuth whose personality blossoms forth on every page. As avarice and artifacts collide in the world of Civil War collectors and reenactors, Penny Summers' tenacity and curiosity draw her and the reader into a complex web of deceit where death still lingers long after the guns of the Blue and the Gray fall silent."
—Mark deCastrique, author of the Sam Blackman series

"Gordon's riveting tale has it all—a poisonous plant, a reappearing gun, a hidden compartment and, of course, suspicious deaths. We can hope that Penny soon finds herself tangled in another web of deceit, betrayal and murder."
—Tom Rash, Asheville Editing

Penny Summers bones up on Renaissance garden design until she finds a dead docent and finds herself up to her tramp stamp unraveling a Civil War battle flag scam.

In North Carolina where "The Recent Unpleasantness" between the North and the South is still romanticized, the problem of a dead docent in a famous garden leads ex-Navy public affairs officer Penny Summers to a Civil War battle flag scam, a deadly reenactment, and a search for a man in black. With the help of Kalea, an eleven-year-old C.S.I.-wannabe, and Aaron, her handsome Navy friend working undercover, Penny discovers more than she bargained for. She thinks if she had studied psychology, it might have turned out differently. Probably not.

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