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The Age of Blessing by Vickie Morrow

Mascot Books
$19.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-684016310
October, 2018
Fiction: Historical
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"A compelling and intimate portrayal of the beliefs, personalities, and prejudices that surface when unlikely roommates learn to challenge aging and choose to live anew. Theirs is a cross-generational story that warms the heart, where humanity can triumph over prejudice and faith can win over politics. A must-read for those interested in imagining how the past intersects with the present."
—Dr. Vanessa Siddle Walker, author of Their Highest Potential: An African American School Community in the Segregated South

The golden years are tarnished for Corinthia Pearl Jacobs, a proud Daughter of the Confederacy, and Ada Passmore, a Civil Rights activist from the North. Both Cori and Ada have strong constitutions shaped by their respective past experiences and environments. When circumstances force them to share a home, they are soon forced to confront the prevalent racial, social, economic, political, and religious challenges posed by society.

Defying ageism, challenging contemporary parental methods, and confronting social injustice, these women probe the deep roots of the problems they face and examine how differing perspectives have the power to form solutions. Their electrifying pasts collide with their shared present when their relationship faces its greatest challenge—the 2008 election.

Will things ever be the same?

The “Greatest Generation” is alive and kicking hard as shown by 92-year old Cori and 78-year old Ada who take on race, religion, and politics in a small southern town in North Carolina, proving that you can be a blessing at any age!

Vickie Blackwell Morrow, freelance writer, poet, and editor, was born the fifth of eight children to a truck driver and homemaker in a small town in North Carolina during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement. She is the author of short stories, A Lick and a Promise, Mud pies…A Sock Monkey…and Brotherly Love, Granny’s Braids of Hope, and the award-winning He Keeps on Truckin’, which details her father’s struggles as a long-haul truck driver during segregation. She also wrote, produced, and choreographed a musical, The Storm is Passing Over. Vickie is the wife of a retired Air Force Chaplain, the mother of two adult children, an Adjunct Instructor, and continues to be an active member in her church and community.

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