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Paws, Claws, Hooves, Feathers and Fins Family Pets and God's Other Creatures
by Glenda Council Beall and Estelle Darrow Rice

Blue Heaven Press
$16.00, paperback
September, 2018
Nonfiction: Animals / Pets
Available from the publisher (see below)

"Glenda Beall and Estelle Rice have documented that unique companionship offered by our furred, finned, and feathered friends. The community of animal lovers will cheer for the poodle who rode motorcycles, the rabbit that went to college, and all the other remarkable pets in these pages. It’s a pleasure to spend time with these creatures in a book that is funny, poignant, and full of warmth."
—Carol Crawford, poet, writer, teacher, owner of Carol Crawford Editing

"The stories in this book are treasures, if for no other reason than their candid, colloquial narrative styles, and their deceptive, offhand images that give rise to the substance and depth of emotional experiences. It takes not only a skilled writer, but a finely sensitive person to write like these authors do. I think they have managed a difficult job with flying colors."
—Dr. Eugene Hirsch, Poet–in-residence at the Consortium Ethics Program, University of Pittsburgh

If you ever loved a dog, rescued a pet, had an animal change your life, you will enjoy this book. Meet the horse with a halo, the bob-tail cat, the dog that saved his owner, and many other animals you will fall in love with. Something for all who have been touched by the love of one of God’s animal kingdom.

To order, make checks or money orders to Glenda Beall or Estelle Rice.

Mail to:

Blue Heaven Press
PO Box 843
Hayesville, NC 28904

Your book will be mailed to you within a few weeks. Be sure to include your mailing address.

Glenda Council Beall has always loved animals, especially dogs and horses. She wrote articles for the local humane society and is an advocate for spay and neuter of pets. She hails from South Georgia, but has lived in the mountains of North Carolina since 1995 where she feels at home. Her writing has appeared in journals, reviews, anthologies and other magazines. She compiled a family history about her grandfather and his ten children, Profiles and Pedigrees, The Descendants of Thomas Charles Council (1858-1911) including the genealogy of the entire family. Her poetry chapbook, Now Might As Well Be Then, was published in 2009 by Finishing Line Press. She leads North Carolina Writers’ Network-West, the mountain program of NC Writers’ Network, the state organization, and is owner/director of Writers Circle around the Table:

Estelle Darrow Rice is a poet and writer of short stories and personal essays. She holds a BA degree in Psychology from Queens University, Charlotte, and a MA degree in counseling from the University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL. Her work has been published in numerous journals and anthologies. She published a book of spiritual poems, Quiet Times. Rice has taught classes for NC Writers’ Network-West and at Writers Circle around the Table in Hayesville.

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