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Opportuna Libri, LLC
$17.99, paperback / $4.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-7325590-0-4
October, 2018
Fiction: Science Fiction / Historical / Young Adult
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“If you’re a fan of intrigue, time travel, magical realism, and, especially, excellent writing, The Sound of a Broken Chain is a must-read for you.”
—Padgett Gerler, award-winning author of What Does Love Sound Like?

“J. D. Cortese unspools a time-bending narrative of identity and political idealism set against the backdrop of 1970s Argentina […] Defying genre, The Sound of a Broken Chain mashes World Noir with Sci-Fi thriller, offering an international narrator for today’s true believers, a weary and wise-beyond-his years high-school kid with a heart of gold.”
—L. C. Fiore, award-winning author of The Last Great American Magic

“This exciting story irresistibly combines Mission Impossible-like action and intrigue with rich character and magical realism elements. But additionally, this page-turner is rooted in context, a historical novel at its core […] Echoes of Allende’s wonderful The House of the Spirits and Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s The Shadow of the Wind.”
—Gregg Cusick, author of My Father Moves Through Time Like a Dirigible

Two high schoolers become unlikely friends across the distance between their cultures. They are two Quixotes who are each other’s Sancho. Julian, an Argentine who’s a budding conspiracy theorist, would try to infiltrate a military dictatorship and expose its crimes. Edgar, a lonely American expat and science genius, would risk everything to rescue his idealistic Dulcinea from the claws of those same monsters. While fighting to find reason in a world that has lost it completely, they will both doubt their sanity in confronting the massive evil that is building deceptions to hide its nightmares.

But Edgar soon discovers that his quest might be impossible. Because he has received a message from the future, which poses an unsolvable question: what do you need to change to save humanity’s future? And the messenger was very clear about how important it is for him to solve this puzzle. Because if Edgar doesn’t, the man from the future would have to kill him.

Set in Buenos Aires and against the background of the 1978 Soccer World Cup—with Argentina both suffering a bloodthirsty tyranny and cheering for a victory of their National Team—this is a story about fighting at all costs to alter the unfathomable mechanism of human history.

A fight that could break the chains of time.

J. D. Cortese is an award-winning scientist and educator, and the 2015 recipient of the literary award sponsored by The Writers’ Workshop of Asheville. He has written regularly for a widely-read scientific newspaper, The Scientist, and served as editor for educational magazines and publishing houses. He also writes science fiction that echoes magical realism, obsessing about the nature of our humanity, the force of fate, and the passage of time. After generously pinning a world map, he settled in North Carolina’s Durham. But memories of Buenos Aires, New York, Shanghai, and Paris haunt his stories—as much in the now as in distant futures. More information about his writing can be found at:

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