NC Literary Hall of Fame



Hats Off! to Judy Hogan who was interviewed by NCWN member Virginia Ewing Hudson on Veteran Feminists of America. "I started publishing as Carolina Wren Press in 1976," says Judy. "One of my first published books was by Jaki Shelton Green...whom I had met back in 1973...She brought me her poems in a paper bag. I don’t remember the paper bag, but I remember that the poems were very strong. Very good. Very powerful and very shocking. The one that especially struck me begins 'The moon is a rapist peeing in my window…' It wasn’t hard to get a whole book of Jaki’s poetry, which she called Dead on Arrival. Because she was afraid that when she finally got published, nobody would be interested, but it turned out to be different. She is now in the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame, and she won the North Carolina Award for Literature, and now she is the [North Carolina] Poet Laureate and I’m very proud of her."


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