NC Literary Hall of Fame



Hats Off! to M.J. Simms-Maddox, the independent author and the publisher of the Priscilla Series, who will speak to The Livingstone College Katharine W. Osborne Women in History Program on Saturday, April 10, at 11:30 am, via Zoom. The Women in History Brunch started in 2000. Katharine W. Osborne, former educator, writer, philanthropist and donor, sponsored a writer’s symposium at Catawba College and wanted to do something similar at Livingstone College. “The Women in History Program provides us the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of women and how far we have come,” said Deborah Johnson, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) director at Livingstone College and program coordinator for the luncheon. “The struggle was real as women fought to demonstrate that we, too, deserved all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. And the struggle continues. Join us as we continue the legacy of women writers with our author, Dr. M. J. Simms-Maddox.”


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