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Elizabeth Daniels Squire Summer Writing Residency 2008

POETRY with Julie Funderburk

Sometimes, even a polished draft is lacking, but it’s hard to know where or how to revise.This poetry workshop will focus on giving participants specific ways to analyze and classify poems.We’ll look at structure and at pattern, reading several published poems and then applying concepts to participant poems in a workshop setting.We’ll explore targeted ways of viewing poems in order to discover fresh approaches to the revision process.

Each registrant should submit five pages of poems, no more than one poem per page, by July 9.Participants should submit poems they consider to be in progress or poems they are willing to reconsider.

FICTION with Aaron Gwyn

This workshop will take a look at contemporary literary fiction, addressing both the work of registrants (in the form of sample chapters and short stories) and several pieces of published fiction. We will explore what successful authors do to start their novels/stories as well as potential pitfalls they avoid. We will pay particular attention to structure and form, finding ways in which preparation for writing (through synopsis, through brainstorming, through character query and graphing of plot elements) can benefit the process of composition and the finished product. Finally, we will discuss effective ways of shaping the beginning of novels/stories to attract the attention of agents and editors. Recommended reading: All the Pretty Horses, by Cormac McCarthy; Breathing Lessons, by Anne Tyler; Falling Man, by Don DeLillo.

Registrants should submit one short story, or the first chapter from a novel-in-progress, by July 9.All samples should be double-spaced, on one side per sheet.


This workshop will focus primarily on group review of participants’ writing samples and secondarily on topics relevant to the craft of creative nonfiction.Each participant will have work discussed twice (i.e., in 2 of 8 workshop sessions) during the course of the residency.In preparation for these workshops, each writer will submit 10 pages of prose no later than 5 p.m., July 9.This submission may be one of the following: a single part of a longer work; one self-contained work; 2 excerpts from 2 longer works; 2 short, self-contained works.In any case, the submission should not exceed 10 pages.Submissions will be circulated to the group in advance before the workshop convenes so that participants can prepare to discuss one another’s work.

Furthermore, each personwill have a choice as to how to use each of the two sessions: a) have one 10-page submission workshopped in each of two sessions; b) have one shorter piece workshopped in the first session, then revise it before the second session and have the revision workshopped; c) have 2 shorter pieces workshopped, one in each session.Please express your preference when you submit your prose.

In the same e-mail, please also submit any topics that you’d like to have covered briefly during our sessions.Examples might include tips on interviewing; essential elements of memoir / personal writing; beginnings, middles, and closings; and writing humor.We will use 15 to 30 minutes during several sessions to talk about such focused topics.


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