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Baltimore Review: General Submissions

Baltimore Review‘s current submission period is February 1 through May 31, 2023. Please do not withdraw and re-submit your work if making revisions. Simply note the minor edit or, if the changes are more extensive, attach the new version in the Submittable message. But it’s always best, of course, to take some time to thoroughly proofread your work before submitting. Thanks!

Ready to submit? You will see additional details for each category, such as word limits and other guidelines, when you click the “Submit” button and then “Guidelines.” Please read the guidelines. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines (e.g., prose that exceeds 5,000 words, a submission of more than three poems, a book review or other work that is clearly not creative nonfiction, multiple submissions during a submission period) will be withdrawn.

About the Journal

The Baltimore Review was founded by Barbara Westwood Diehl in 1996 as a literary journal publishing short stories and poems, with a mission to showcase the best writing from the Baltimore area, from across the U.S., and beyond.

The journal grew to become a nationally distributed journal, and later became an independent nonprofit organization in 2004. Susan Muaddi Darraj led the journal from 2003 to 2010, expanding contributions to include creative nonfiction and interviews. In 2011, Barbara Westwood Diehl resumed leadership of the journal.

In 2012, The Baltimore Review began its new life as a quarterly, online literary journal. This doesn’t mean that we’ve fallen out of love with the printed book. Work accepted for online publication will also be collected for annual print issues.

To our contributors, our editors, the Baltimore literary community, and the network of writers throughout the world—thank you for your vision.