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Beaver Magazine (Deadline: September 15)

The Winter Issue: January 31st, Open for submissions November 15th until December 31st

The Spring Issue: May 31st, Open for submissions February 15th to April 30th

The Fall Issue: October 31st, Open for submissions June 15th to September 15th

We are completely open to simultaneous submissions, please just notify us either by withdrawing the submission or sending us a message to withdraw individual pieces from a submission.

If you submit and it just isn’t the right fit for us, feel free to send work again as soon as you’d like. Only one submission per genre is permitted at a time. No previously published work will be considered.

About the Journal

Beaver Magazine is a literary journal accepting poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art! We love works of any kind. You won’t find a strict, gatekeeping submission guideline in these waters. Writing and reading is for peace, not stress. Our editors met in undergrad poetry workshops and loved each other so much we had to start a flourishing project together. Our editors were unified by the beautiful discovery of creative writing’s impact on all of our souls. After being separated by space and time and forking paths, we woke up one morning and started this journal to be able to read and enjoy writing and art together again. We hope that you enjoy immersing yourself in our dam website. Take a load off, throw that tree you’ve been gnawing to the side, and swim in these waterways of words from around the world..