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Bullets And Bandaids: Veteran Stories

Bullets And Bandaids is a veteran-centric literary and art therapy nonprofit whose focus is to facilitate relations between veterans and civilians through a collaborative touring art exhibition. Every veteran has a story and Bullets & Bandaids help bring their stories to life. Veterans’ stories facilitate a dialogue that crosses demographic boundaries and comfort zones and is brought into full display by talented writers and artists from around the world. We say “brought into full display by talented writers” because some stories are best written by another’s hand. So, we are looking for writers to chronicle veterans’ stories and help shine a light on the depth and breadth of the human condition through the hyperbolic lens of the veteran’s experience. By showcasing the diverse experiences of service people, artists, and writers, Bullets & Bandaids brings different worlds together to demonstrate something powerful and poignant.  

The veteran tells their story via recorded interview. The transcript is given to a writer who brings the story to life, typically in 2,500 words or less. That story is given to an artist who paints or draws a picture capturing the essence of the story. The story is then printed in the Bullets And Bandaids magazine and both story and artwork are put on exhibition in a notary venue. Currently we are on exhibition through September 2023 at the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, South Carolina 

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