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Call for Submissions: Yellow Medicine Review (Deadline: October 15)

For the upcoming Fall 2023 issue of Yellow Medicine Review, we want to see stories, poems, and essays that dwell on these concepts:

  • Defining Moments
  • Bildungsroman / Coming of Age Experiences
  • Epiphanies
  • Pivot Points in Life
  • Etc.

These can apply to the individual, a family, a tribe, a community, an organization, or entity.

Capture the impact of such. The consequences. The resulting character development, resilience, strength, wisdom. Or the opposite–the resulting trauma, the perpetual haunting, the generational reverberations. Or maybe the resulting humor, or confusion, or disillusionment, or awareness, or grief, or joy, or fear, or fulfillment, or desperation….no shortage of emotions to tap. 

Might not necessarily be a depiction of something earth shattering. Might be a small, quiet moment or sliver of insight.

Interpret it as you see fit.

We’re eager to read work by elders and newbies and everyone in between and from every corner of indigenous experience. Take a risk. We love risky pieces. Push it. Cross imposed boundaries. Shatter expectations. Challenge norms. But do it brilliantly.  See complete guidelines.

Yellow Medicine Review is an international journal of indigenous literature, art, and thought. It includes the work of both renowned and emerging writers, artists, and scholars and is published twice a year in spring and fall.