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Carteret Writers Summer Writing Workshop Series

Hooks & Lines, a summer writing workshop series developed in partnership with Carteret Community College.

These hands-on workshops are going to be fun and inspiring for writers of all levels and backgrounds, and there’s a little something for everybody. Think the best parts of summer camp without the mosquitos and the sweating. It’s an opportunity to explore all kinds of writing and connect with all kinds of local writers, and it’s going to be all kinds of awesome, so you should come!

Dates & Topics

  • Monday, May 15: Creative play and writing
  • Monday, May 22: Using real life to inspire fiction
  • Monday, June 5: Writing creative non-fiction
  • Monday, June 12: Writing poetry
  • Monday, June 19: Transforming a scene into a script
  • Monday, June 26: Shameless plugs and how to get away with them (a.k.a. the dark arts of marketing)

How to Register

You can splurge on this summer writing workshop series because it’s a bargain at $58. You can’t feed a family of four at Taco Bell for that, so go loco!

  1. To register, click on this link:
  2. Type “writing workshop” into the field labeled Course Code Number.
  3. Click Search at the bottom of the page.

You’ll see the workshop series identified as Hooks & Lines. From there, just follow the instructions to register.

About the Organization

A diverse community of Crystal Coast writers supporting one another as we explore all the possibilities of the written word together in social events, workshops, conferences, and small critique groups.

Carteret Writers pen and publish fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry collections to name a few of our literary pursuits. Over the years, our membership has grown to include emerging writers in just about every genre – from memoirs to middle school stories – as well as award-winning authors and poets. Our community-wide open mic events and workshops have given teen satirists and nonagenarian essayists opportunities to cross-pollinate, while smaller genre and critique groups have created space for cozier conversations in local libraries, coffee shops, and members’ homes.