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Conduit: General Submissions

Conduit is looking for previously unpublished poetry and prose that demonstrates originality, intelligence, courage, irreverence, and humanity. Please send 3-5 poems. We’re not currently accepting fiction submissions.

Reporting time is six weeks to nine months. Payment in copies. Future issues include What in the World (Wonder) and Bad Connections (Fun of Forgetting). These titles are primarily for our own amusement. Submissions are evaluated at the nexus of their merit and our taste, rather than whether or not they match any theme. If you haven’t seen or read Conduit before, we recommend you sample our mad concoction before submitting.

If another journal has seduced you with promises of fame and glory, please notify us immediately to withdraw your submission, including the date the piece was submitted.

All correspondence is subject to publication, in whole or in part.

About the Journal

Conduit is a biannual literary journal that is at once direct, playful, inventive, irreverent, and darkly beautiful. Despite common sense and the laws of economics, Conduit has been thwarting good taste, progress, and consensus for over twenty years. Conduit publishes distinctive voices of literary merit—experimental to accessible, established to emerging—in snazzy volumes, featuring work that demonstrates originality, intelligence, courage, and humanity. Conduit champions a fresh mix of writers. If that isn’t enough, Conduit reaches beyond the literary by interviewing astronomers, ethno-botanists, artists, graphic artists, and historians, et cetera, believing a vigorous imagination is one that is cross-pollinated by diverse areas of human inquiry.

Conduit has published hundreds of poems that were later anthologized in places like Best American Poetry or were included in books by their authors. John Ashbery, Heid Erdrich, Terrance Hayes, Bob Hicok, Brenda Hillman, Noelle Kocot, Henri Michaux, Eileen Myles, Alice Notley, Charles Simic, Matthew Rohrer, Bianca Stone, James Tate, Dara Wier, Wendy Xu, and Dean Young have appeared in our pages.

Grant Free Since 1993.