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Fall 2023 Personal Story Publishing Project

Open through June 30, 2023, for stories of 750-800 words on the theme of “Sooner or Later.” Find more information about the new theme and the Personal Story Publishing Project at On Facebook @personalstorypublishingproject.

Continuing the successes of eight previous anthologies showcasing the skills of writers across the country but emphasizing the work of North Carolina writers, the Personal Story Publishing Project announces its ninth Call for Personal Stories. The theme is “Sooner or Later”It’s about time and timing—the right time, the wrong time, too much and too little, expectations and surprise. Stories of personal experience and consequence when expectations or temperament—hopes, dread, anxiety, or boredom—were brought on or relieved by time and timing—too little, too much, too soon, too late.

We are seeking true, personal stories of 750-800 words sharing your lived experience and leaving the reader a lesson or a laugh or a caution for us all. Submissions are open through June 30 with publication in September 2023. We created the PSPP six years ago to encourage new writers wanting to publish their writing. Experienced writers have joined in as well and raised the bar for us all. A nominal reading fee applies with each submission to encourage writers to submit their best. Lower fee for earlier submissions.

Since 2018, our calls have produced eight anthologies of 45 stories each on the engaging themes of “Bearing Up,” “Exploring,” “That Southern Thing,” “Luck and Opportunity,” “Trouble,” “Curious Stuff,” “Twists and Turns,” and “Lost & Found.”

Most of the stories from the eight anthologies are showcased in our twice-weekly podcast, “6-minute Stories.” Follow us at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher, or listen directly at Find each episode announced on Facebook @6minutestories. Give it a listen to hear what others have contributed.

We’ve all wrestled with time—too little and too much, balancing expectations and surprises. We have all had moments of hope and dread, excitement and boredom, where time and timing played into the mix. Whatever the experience was, if it’s worth anything, it’s worth a story. Write us yours because everybody loves a good story sm.

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