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Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast print edition welcomes submissions of fiction, essays, poems, translations, and critical art writing by March 1.

Gulf Coast is committed to supporting the authors who publish in our journal. This support takes many forms, including offering editorial guidance, exposing new work to the widest possible audience, and providing competitive honorariums for that work. We believe this financial support is vital to maintaining a vibrant literary culture. To this end, Gulf Coast has instituted a small reading fee ($3) for regular submissions, 100% of which will go toward increasing the honorariums for the authors whose work we publish in the journal and on the website. Gulf Coast is now able to pay $50 per page for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction in our print issues.  In our Online Exclusivese we guarantee $50 for poetry and $100 for prose.  We also offer $50 for blog posts.  We thank you for your support of the authors who make Gulf Coast possible.

Gulf Coast welcomes and appreciates submissions from writers and artists of all backgrounds and aesthetic affiliations.

We do not accept general submissions via e-mail or post. If your work is accepted, please wait two years from date of publication before submitting again. Please visit our contest page for contest submission guidelines.

If you are already familiar with Gulf Coast’s general submission guidelines, feel free to proceed to Submittable. Otherwise, click here to read the full details.