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Johnston County Literary and Historical Journal: 2023 Submissions

Our literary journal is open to residents and non-residents of Johnston County. All submissions must focus on short stories, poems, and essays highlighting relative topics, personal experiences, and life in Johnston County. We welcome family generational stories of interest involving cultural and environmental changes over the years.                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Our Junior Division is open to all high school students.
  • All entries must be unpublished and the original work of the author.
  • Entries must be typed in Microsoft Word and double-spaced.

All entries must include in the top left side of each page:

  • Name of author
  • Author’s town/city of residence
  • Author’s telephone number
  • Author’s email address
  • Genre selected (Short Story, Poem, or Essay)
  • Division:  Adult or Junior
  • Word Count /Line Count for Poetry
  • Title of Entry

*  Optional: Black/White digital images will be accepted, but colored pictures are preferred.

*  There will be no financial compensation for the entries, but each contributing author will receive a free copy of the Journal.

*  Entries accepted for publication will display the byline of the author.

*  Entries will be edited for conciseness, clarity, and grammar.

*  Authors may submit up to three entries in each of the acceptable genres.

*  Not all entries will be accepted for publication due to space limitations.

*  Genre accepted:  Short Story/Poem/Essay

                –  Short Story/Essay:  Maximum 3,500 words

                –  Poem: Rhyme or Prose – Minimum of 8 lines, Maximum of 50 lines

*  Cost:  FREE

Submissions accepted from March 15, 2023 and will officially close at midnight on April 30, 2023

*  Entries received after the deadline date will not be considered

*  Judges are exempt from submitting entries and will be selected based on their experience, expertise, and/or publishing achievements

Entries must be typed in MS Word only and attached via email:

*   Early submission is recommended.

*   Authors should include a brief bio of 50 words or less and a digital head-shot photo.

*   We will not accept any PDF files.

*   Authors’ names will be removed and assigned a unique number before being forwarded to the judges. This will eliminate any bias in the event the judges know the authors.