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Kenyon Review: “Luminous Gender Vessel” portfolio

We are currently open for submissions to a portfolio entitled “Luminous Gender Vessel” guest edited by Gabrielle Calvocoressi and Melissa Faliveno, to be published in one of our issues in 2023. Here is the guest editors’ call for submissions:

Seeking original poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, as well as visual art (including photography, prints, and comics) and multimedia pieces (including songs, audio narratives, and film, to be published online) exploring ideas and questions of gender. We want work that tells us something about what it means to be alive in a body, that makes us feel more alive in our own. Tell us what you don’t understand, what you’re trying to figure out. Get experimental. Get speculative. Get hybrid. Get weird. Push boundaries of style and form. Because genre, like gender, is a construct. It’s rarely one thing or the other.

Submit up to three poems or a story, essay, or hybrid work of up to 6,000 words, or a work of visual art, audio piece, or short film via Submittable by January 5, 2023.