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Lanternfish Press Fiction and Memoir Reading Period (Deadline: April 30)

Lanternfish Press is open for unsolicited manuscripts of original fiction and memoir in both the full-length (60 to 100,000 words) and novella-length (20 to 40,000 words) ranges from March 1-April 30, 2024. During the month of April, the window will remain open only for writers identifying as Black, Indigenous, and people of color, in order to acknowledge and address historical and systemic inequities in book publishing.

Categories for submissions are as follows. You will have to select one in Submittable in order to have your manuscript considered. Gothics often fall somewhere in between literary-speculative and historical/regional; please choose the category that you think suits your work best.

  • Novel, literary-speculative (60-100K words)
  • Novella, literary-speculative (20-40K words)
  • Novel, historical/regional (60-100K words)
  • Novella, historical/regional (20-40K words)
  • Memoir, full-length (60-100K words)
  • Memoir, short (20-40K words)

All submissions must be made through Lanternfish’s Submittable portal. Full guidelines, including formatting guidelines, are available at Please note that submissions made that do not meet the guidelines will be archived without response.