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Monthly Mentorship with Katey Schultz: Join a community of writers and become your own best editor for life

There are only 3 spaces remaining for the 2023-24 Monthly Mentorship season! If you have an existing, strong relationship with writing but know that you learn best with accountability, professional support, and structure, you will thrive in Monthly Mentorship. Read all the program details, and fill out the application or contact Katey soon. This year, Monthly Mentorship will be lead by guest faculty Des Cooper, alongside Katey Schultz!

“I’m a different writer now than I was going into your program … you gave us a language for discussing writing, which helps us individually with our own self-critiquing and helps share thoughts with others wanting some feedback. I gained more from your program in seven months than I did in my entire Ph.D. program on Creative Writing.”
—Cristine Milton