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Palette Poetry: MFA Application Workshop

For guidelines and how to apply for the workshop, click here. Editors this year include Taylor Byas, Joshua Roark, and Susan Nguyen.

Deadline: October 31

MFA Application season is upon us! Applying to programs can be a daunting undertaking, and it’s one that no one should have to navigate alone. The success of a poetry sample is entirely subjective, and the statement of purpose is an elusive form with no clear guidelines. To that end, we’re offering an inaugural MFA Application Workshop to help you refine your application materials. Submit 5 pages of your poetry sample and your statement of purpose and our editors will provide professional feedback, advice, and community support.

Please note that this opportunity is specifically for applicants in poetry.

This is an entirely online, asynchronous opportunity to have some of your application materials read and edited by poet-editors who know this system inside and out. They will apply their expertise—both as poets with MFA’s and as seasoned editors and MFA faculty—to provide feedback that will help you be the strongest applicant you can be. A significant portion of the lab fee goes directly to our editor partners.

I hope you’ll join us!

—Sarah Ghazal Ali