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Press Pause Press: 2023 Volumes Submissions (Subs Open Year-Round)

For more info on what we’re about, view our BASIC TENETS. All accepted work for our volumes will appear both online and in print. We accept poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art & music.

  • We accept rolling submissions, which means our submissions don’t close and you can submit year-round for free.
  • You can submit in two categories at once, but please let us respond to those submissions before sending additional work. 

Learn more and submit here.

About the Journal

Press Pause is a literary magazine with zero social media presence. No Facebook. No Twitter (#amwriting). No Insta, no Snapchat, and none of whatever that TikTok thing is.

We want to create an online (and real-life) place away from the usual spaces—a primarily quiet place. Right now that means not spending our time shouting into the sometimes hapless mostly merciless usually noisy void of social media. Please see more of our thoughts about this mission on our FAQ page or in our print volumes’ letters from the editor/s.

At Press Pause, we are dedicated to the idea that the world would probably be a better place, at least somewhat, if we all took a moment to pause and reflect before doing (or tweeting.retweeting.subtweeting.commenting.condemning.ranting.sharing.liking.hearting.).

Think of us as a quiet literary think tank. A closed room with a comfortable reclining chair, lots of sunlight and a beautiful vase of daisies. This is your space. This is our space, far away from the noise. For more about our mission, see our basic tenets page and/or our FAQs. We publish two volumes per year online and in print and ventured into coffee table books in 2021. For quarterly-ish updates, subscribe to our newsletter.