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Sarabande’s July Open Reading Period (Deadline: July 31)

Sarabande is open for book-length manuscripts of poetry (hybrid and visual poetry, book-length poems, and experimental poetry), short fiction (micro/flash fiction, short stories, novellas, and short novels), and literary nonfiction (essay collections, book-length essays, and hybrid and experimental works). The July Open is also open to proposals for works of poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction in translation. The deadline to submit your work is July 31, 2024.


This submission period is open to manuscripts in English. Employees and board members of Sarabande are not eligible. It is highly recommended that those who intend to submit a manuscript familiarize themselves with Sarabande’s catalog.


Submissions to The July Open should include:

  • A cover letter with a description of the work and a brief author bio.
  • A complete, full-length manuscript, paginated consecutively with a table of contents and acknowledgements page.
  • Poetry should be single spaced, prose should be double spaced, all manuscripts should be typed in a standard 12 pt font.
  • A $22 submission fee.

Learn more and submit.