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Script Competition Readers Needed | Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Festival is looking for volunteers to join our team of readers for the 2022 Script Competition! Every year we recruit the best readers to help up and coming writers improve their craft. We see it as a great way to not only add valuable experience to your resume, but also a way to help encourage other writers through constructive feedback. As well, who knows? You might be the first to read the script for the next blockbuster!

Ideal candidates should be voracious readers who are well-versed in the basics of screenwriting and have a keen sense for analyzing a story. The team of volunteer readers will help us evaluate the submitted material and have a hand in deciding what moves forward in the competition. Additionally, every individual who reads for the competition accumulates points per script through the reader process that will go towards a gifted Film Pass or Badge to our 29th Annual Austin Film Festival happening October 27th – November 3rd.

If you or any of your members are interested, please contact us at for more information, or if you have any question