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Sixfold: $1000 for the best story and poems (Deadline October 24)

All-writer-voted. Who creates Sixfold? Everyone. All-writer-voted and open to all, Sixfold three-round manuscript voting is the most rigorous, thorough, fair, and transparent editorial selection process available. To create each issue, hundreds of writers vote to select the best fiction and poetry manuscripts with much more discernment than any other editorial. See complete guidelines.

From 2000 to 2012, Garrett Doherty was Editor and Managing Editor of Crazyhorse literary journal, for which he published and promoted the journal’s fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. He edited Crazyhorse with different group editorial selection processes in mind: the journal used working groups of six to eight fiction and poetry editors per issue to select content, and he taught a literary publishing practicum for Crazyhorse in which one of the assignments for students and interns was to organize, as a group and on their own initiative, a manuscript reading and selection process to find the best manuscripts for publication. The groups naturally organized selection processes that included everyone and used democratic, nonhierarchical decision-making. And so Sixfold was born from that ideal: give writers the experience of the editorial process and create a way for all writers to discover and publish the best writing, each with an equal and collaborative voice