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Split/Lip Press Book Submissions Call: Essay Collections, Memoirs, and Nonfiction/Hybrid Manuscripts (Deadline: December 1)

We are currently looking for previously unpublished essay collections, memoirs, and nonfiction-hybrid full-length book manuscripts. Individually published pieces within the manuscript are absolutely fine (and expected!) but the book should not have been published as a BOOK before. We won’t define “full-length” for you (you’re the author, after all) but books between 100-200 pages tend to hit our sweet spot. If your book is shorter, keep us in mind for our chapbook reading period!

We’re looking for manuscripts that question boundaries (physical, emotional, metaphysical, meta-emotional—you get the gist). Dazzle us with your version(s) of truth! When it comes to genre-based boundary bending, we love to see imaginative essays, autofictions, fictionalized memoirs, lyric essaying, formal and layout-based experimentation, etc. 

See further guidelines.

Split/Lip Press is dedicated to publishing boundary-breaking fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid books, lifting the transition boards that prevent fluidity and smashing those we cannot pry up. We love work that questions the concept of truth and work that reinterprets what we think we know. We prize experimentation (physical, emotional, metaphysical, meta-emotional); we welcome the unanswerable. We want to see the dark and the light side of the moon—or we want to see it obliterated. If your book is a wedge in a crack, Split/Lip Press is the hammer helping you split the wall apart.

Since 2014, SLP has been honored to publish innovative and culturally relevant books. We collaborate with our authors as much as possible to design books which reflect the complexity of their work, and we print on-demand to provide our authors with the highest possible royalties. Each year, Split/Lip Press runs separate submissions periods for flash fiction/short story manuscripts, novella/novels, nonfiction/hybrid collections, and chapbooks (alternating between nonfiction/hybrid and fiction).