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The Analog Sea Review

The Analog Sea Review: Call for Submission

The Analog Sea Review is an offline journal distributed to independent bookstores throughout Europe and North America. We are interested in hearing from writers and artists who find ways to maintain contemplation and focus in the digital age. Please send us your stories and poems as well as any essays exploring this emerging field of offline culture. We also welcome submissions from visual artists for our cover artwork and select interior pages.

Currently, we pay from 50 to 200 EUR/USD for one-time rights which revert back to the author upon publication. Please mail your typed, printed submission (8,000 words or fewer) to Analog Sea at [the] address below. Include a very brief biographical statement along with a self-address stamped envelope if you would like us to return your submission. Artists, please send only photographic reproductions of your work and not originals.

If you are interested in Analog Sea and would like to receive future copies of our free bulletin, even if you have nothing to submit at this time, please do send us a letter.

PO Box 11670
Austin, TX 78711