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tiny wren lit: Issue Five: Birdsong (Deadline: August 15)

The Oxford English Dictionary defines birdsong as the “vocalization by one or more birds; esp. such vocalization likened to a musical performance.” Send us your birdsong-inspired poetry, the symbolic, the prophetic, the transcendental. Channel Walt Whitman. Interpret the theme in a unique or unexpected way.

We gravitate toward tiny poems with deep imagery + original, striking figurative language. Read previous issues or buy a tiny chapbook to get a sense of what we like. 

Submit up to six (6) tiny poems in a single Word document (.doc or .docx or .pdf). Each poem should be on its own separate page, single-spaced, + in 12-point font, nothing fancy. Work should be your own + unpublished. Before you submit, please read our FAQ page. 

Submissions: Open July 15 thru August 15

Submit here.

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tiny wren lit is a poetry magazine that primarily focuses on tiny poems + tiny issues (3-4 times per year). Readers can download each issue in a zine format.

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tiny wren publishing prints + crafts tiny zines that highlight a single poet and their works. 

tiny wren nominates tiny poems for The Pushcart Prize + Best of the Net.

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