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Unsolicited Press Book-length Submissions

Unsolicited Press is actively seeking essay collections, poetry of all lengths, experimental, hybrids, literary novels, novellas, short story collections, memoirs, and nonfiction (literary criticism, history, cooking, health, science, and long-form journalism).

Submissions must include:


  • A query letter
  • Entire manuscript 


  • A query letter 
  • Several chapters, or the entire manuscript if you have it.
  • Nonfiction books that are not memoirs or personal essay collections (READ: history books, cookbooks, educational books, etc.) should provide a traditional book proposal.


  • A query letter
  • Entire manuscript ​

As of Fall 2017, Unsolicited Press requires a submission fee of $5. The fee is a lifetime submissions fee, which means that you never have to pay it again to submit to Unsolicited Press in the future. Submission fees cover many things including paying readers, supporting marketing campaigns for authors, and administrative fees required to keep the Press alive.  

See full submission guidelines.